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Best Xbox one games 2020 part 2

AO Tennis 2

Release date: 09/01/2020

Genre: Sports simulator

Creation of your own tennis match scenarios + character customization to your taste

Training, competition, career – everything is in the brand-new tennis simulator (another option for fans of sports gameplay – NHL 20 ). The menu is elementary: just click on the desired tab and go to the right place. Support for the Russian language is provided. Gameplay modes: cooperative, multiplayer, single player.


  • You can play as a star player – the list of stars is attached, for example, Ash Barty, Rafael Nadal Parera.
  • The broadest possibilities of character customization – set the name, surname, citizenship, choose a voice for voice acting. In your own tennis player, you can really choose everything: from the type of ears to the length of the legs, from sports equipment to the style of play.
  • An interesting career mode – you can perform in singles or doubles, for example, in a company with a friend, choose sponsors for yourself and decide for yourself which competitions to participate in.
  • Creation of an individual schedule – decide for yourself when to rest, train, go to competitions in a convenient and simple tennis planner.


  • Average level of graphics,
  • represented by only one famous tennis player from the country.

Untitled Goose Game

Release date: 09/20/2019

Genre: Stealth, puzzle

Various situations and tasks for the main character, simple and funny logic game

The mischievous goose misbehaves in the village, bothering the residents in every possible way: stealing things, driving children away, interfering with adults’ work. There are no bosses, no inventory. The feathered one can cackle, flap its wings and carry objects. Each mini-location has a specific list of tasks that the goose needs to complete.


  • Test animation – characters, including the goose, look quite realistic (fans of the animal world may also like the Crash bandicoot );
  • very simple, stress-free stealth – from the point of view of mechanics, everything is extremely simple, you need to run up and steal objects, run and hide from angry residents;
  • there are elements of a logic game – when you need to follow the actions of the characters, seize the moment and complete the task, for example, get into the garden, have a picnic.


  • There is no character leveling,
  • there is no plot as such.

The game takes about 2–3 hours to play.

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