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Best Xbox one games 2020 part 3

Terminator: Resistance

Release date: 11/15/2019

Genre: First-person shooter

Variety of robot enemies, battles take place with an iconic musical theme

The world has been destroyed by nuclear war. Humanity under the leadership of John Connor is fighting a desperate struggle for survival. Gamers have to play as Private Rivers, fighting against Skynet. There is a main task and secondary assignments.


  • Super-detailed T-800 terminators – pistons, flexors, joints, all the attributes of the metal skeleton are visible;
  • pumping the character in several directions: “Combat”, “Science” and “Survival” – gradually the hero masters the skills of destroying all types of terminators, aircraft and tanks that are only in the game;
  • an interesting system for upgrading weapons – with the installation of special modules, by matching them to each other to form a single chain;
  • it is not always necessary to go ahead with a weapon – you can look for workarounds and get past aggressive robots without engaging in combat with them.


  • There is no Russian translation, not even subtitles;
  • crafting is absolutely pointless, you can buy everything you need;
  • average graph quality.

Sniper ghost warrior: contracts

Release date: 11/22/2019

Genre: FPS, stealth

Tactical freedom for a sniper, a large selection of gadgets: from grenades to quadcopters

It is based on 2 gameplay mechanics: stealth and advanced sniping. The gamer will have to carry out a number of small tasks (“Contracts”) in fairly extensive locations. It will be necessary to destroy the target, arrange a sabotage or reconnaissance. You have to play as a mercenary.


  • Sniping – using a sniper rifle, gamers will often have to navigate using the reticle, measure the distance to the target, taking into account the direction of the wind. You can shoot with or without a silencer.
  • Pumping and extensive customization of the character – you can improve the mask, costume, gadgets, etc. For pumping you need money or specials. tokens that are awarded for completing tasks.
  • Large locations with many loopholes and sniper positions – you need to choose the best way to solve the problem, while not getting lost in the labyrinths of a factory or a dark forest.


  • Unhurried and somewhat monotonous gameplay;
  • single player game where you have to fight with not too smart bots.

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