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Best Xbox one games 2020 part 4

Need for Speed Heat

Release date: 11/08/2019

Genre: arcade,

Super racing races around the day and night city, especially “evil” police chases

Continuation of the famous NFC series. You can drive day and night, and in the daytime it is absolutely legal to do it, but in the dark you will have to show remarkable skill in order to escape from the vigilant law enforcement officers. As with other NFCs, the car fleet is rich in cars, there are more than a hundred of them.


Characteristics Features:
Physics Car handling has improved markedly. Cars confidently hold the road, they enter the turn without drifts, however, not on sharp turns
Tuning You can create a completely unique vinyl or download it from the web. The body parts do not need to be opened gradually or completed quests, they are open from the very beginning. You can hang various “buns” to help you get away from the cops, completely change the engine in the car
Police He actively pursues the rider, cuts the car, squeezes it into a “box”, rams, puts obstacles. The police in the game are very strong and capable of inflicting significant damage to a car, up to and including smashing it into “trash”
Open world Large enough space not only for racing, but also just for pokatushki. You can get off the road and rush off-road, drive onto the sidewalks in megacities. The cities, by the way, are written off from Miami


  • Poor character customization (clothes and hair only);
  • lack of destructible structures;
  • uncomplicated plot.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Release date: 11/15/2019

Genre: Action Adventure

The game allows you to feel like a real Jedi in the Star Wars universe

Exposed by the inquisitors, Padawan Cal Kestis agrees to take part in the search for the holocrine, which should help revive the Jedi Order. As a result, a team of good guys travels across the galaxy collecting various leads. At the same time, the bad guys – the Inquisition – is trying in every possible way to prevent them.

In addition to the main plot, the game ” Fallen Order ” is full of additional intrigues, for example, why Cera refuses to use force.


  • There are several levels of difficulty – the choice of the gamer will depend on the damage that opponents can inflict on the character, the complexity of the battles, etc., in general, all the possibilities to significantly change the gameplay.
  • As many as 8 planets to explore – here you have to look for secrets, solve puzzles and collect collectibles, not forgetting to fight the Inquisition. The planets differ in appearance, flora and fauna.
  • Unusual abilities of the main character – in addition to the Jedi tricks, he can slow down time, learn the past through objects. In the game, the Padawan climbs steep walls, grabs the ropes, rides on the ropes, runs along the walls.


  • There is no collective play
  • there may be minor delays with texture loading.

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