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Best Xbox one games 2020 part 5

The outer worlds

Release date: 10/25/2019

Genre: role-playing game The

gamer can play different roles that lead to a certain development of the plot

The protagonist is awakened after a long sleep in a cryogenic capsule and dumped into a system with a colony of Alcyone, which he must explore alone to find a special chemical. It will help rescue people left to sleep in capsules on the ship. You will have to move around other worlds using your own spaceship.


  • A lot of cool-written dialogues (with great humor), in which the character’s parameters open up additional possibilities and lead to changes in quests, tasks;
  • in battles, you can use the time stopping system to aim and accurately shoot at a certain part of the object;
  • an interesting system of flaws – sometimes the game offers ability points in exchange for some negative effect, for example, the character’s vulnerability to certain opponents;
  • using speaking skills (persuade / intimidate), many issues in the game are solved;
  • spectacular battles and a large selection of weapons that can be modified.


  • Long downloads when moving between locations,
  • graphics are average.

Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair

Release date: October 2019

Genre: Platformer

Cartoon style game with a large open world full of secrets

The main characters set out to fight the villain Capital B. They have to wander around a large world, getting to new levels and solving puzzles, saving bees along the way. In the end, as usual, there is a battle with the main antagonist. The game is released in 2.5D format.


  • 20 different locations where you need to solve puzzles, find secret passages, caves. Do not forget to free bees from captivity, for which lives are added;
  • heroes can choose a certain tonic before each level, each of which has unique abilities, helping in the passage of the game or just having fun for the player (for example, a tonic that gives enemies with bulging eyes);
  • you can immediately engage in a fierce battle with the main villain and complete the game in literally half an hour, but you should still wait and gain experience, because it is not so easy to defeat the antagonist;
  • the game is drawn with high quality – animations, backgrounds, each element of the level will delight you with detail and saturation of shades.


  • opponents at levels are often repeated;
  • if you lose your partner in the game, it will be impossible to perform certain actions.

MXGP 2019

Release date: 08/27/2019

Genre: racing

You can drive not only a motorcycle, but also the racer himself

Virtual motocross based on the real world championship. The game offers to drive steep bikes on a wide variety of tracks. Bikes, racers and tracks – the most real, the same as in the real world.


  • You can drive not only alone, with bots, but also together, three, etc., with real rivals, the “For several players” mode is available here;
  • a track editor is provided – it is possible to create an individual landscape design, natural conditions;
  • realistic physics – for example, the ground under the wheels deforms quite naturally, as well as the resulting splashes of dirt scattering in different directions;
  • you can hone your game skills in the “sandbox”, freely driving around the range, and then participate in races;
  • during the race, you can choose 2 types – from the first person or from the third person and watch the race from under the helmet or from the side.


  • The game is not Russified.

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