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Best Xbox one games 2020 part 6

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall

Release date: 08/06/2019

Genre: 4X, turn-based strategy

Addictive strategy with a large selection of factions and thoughtful battles

After the collapse of the Star Alliance, the remaining factions on the planet begin to fight for dominance in the new world. The gamer will have to decide on the choice of the faction (1 out of 7) and start exploring the planet, getting food, fighting with neighbors, looking for allies.


  • Thorough study of each faction – their approaches are very different in terms of development and battle;
  • turn-based battles – the system of battles is based on the superiority of the position occupied, that is, it is important to think over where to shoot from, plus, you can put troops in an observation position;
  • change of landscape – you can, for example, destroy shelters, some buildings, there are factions of building blocks through which you cannot pass;
  • you can always see where the enemy is – his location, bonuses or restrictions are displayed on the map;
  • creating your own unique faction commander – in the character editor, you can customize literally everything: from the type of head and skin color to equipment.


  • Surface training for beginners.

Sea of ​​solitude

Release Date: 07/05/2019

Genre: Indie Adventure Game

An emotional adventure in which you need to find solutions to life’s problems

The protagonist girl struggles with personal problems, imagining her inner world as an abandoned city on the water. As the game progresses, there are points of memories that tell about the hardships of the main character’s life.


  • Amazing atmosphere – with a good picture and suitable background music, evoking an emotional response to the experiences of the main character;
  • entertaining puzzles during the game and acquaintance with fantastic creatures;
  • regular change of locations – you have to either swim around the city, then jump on the roofs of houses, or run away from bad memories.


  • Not Russified,
  • too obvious metaphors.

F1 2019

Release date: 06/25/2019

Genre: racing and simulator

Racing with the atmosphere of the Formula 1 championship and a variety of game modes

The sports simulator begins with racing in Formula 2, after successfully passing which and defeating rivals, you can already drive on the tracks of Formula 1. Interesting cut-scenes are available. Gamers are waiting for enhanced training, qualifications, Grand Prix and communication with reporters.


  • You can upgrade the characteristics of the car, which becomes available after the gamer earns a certain reputation and shows the results during the races;
  • the ability to customize the calendar of your championship, weather conditions, types of admission, features of the tracks and other parameters;
  • there is a garage – this is a place where the player can look at the coolest cars, study their characteristics and features;
  • quite simple controls – even novice riders can do a virtual F1.


  • Micro transactions – if you want to customize a racer or car, you will have to pay (some liveries can be purchased for points).

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