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Best Xbox one games 2020

Eyes diverge from the abundance of game content for Xbox Van. Here you can find sports, arcade, racing, and action video games, and a masterful mix of genres and styles.

Don’t get lost, here’s a roundup of the best console games of 2020 from Microsoft. The rating includes 17 applicants, from which you can choose the “very” option, weighing the pros and cons of each gameplay.

Dragon ball z: kakarot

Release date: 01/17/2020

Genre: Action / RPG

Epic battles where heroes become super powerful + fantastic sound effects

Goku, a representative of the extraterrestrial race of the Sayana, continues to explore the world in search of 7 mystical items – dragon pearls. According to legend, they fulfill any desire if you put them together. In the process of searching, you have to engage in hot fights, do not forget to eat and heal, and also, completing side story missions, collect “emblems of the soul” for pumping the character.


  • A combat system with distinctive mechanics – there are 3 types of attacks, you can use block, dodge and many special moves as a defense. The feeling of battles in anime format is perfectly conveyed here;
  • the environment in which the battles take place – everything can start on the ground, move into the air and continue with a mega in the water-on the ground-again in the air: the characters move very quickly, flying or running super-fast;
  • the opportunity to take a break from the contractions and switch, completing side tasks and indulging in quite everyday activities: fishing, hunting, cooking, etc.;
  • many fan services – in the open world there are places and photographs from season 1 of Dragon Ball are scattered. There are cameo characters, the soundtrack contains a lot of arrangements from the original anime.


  • Not too original locations with poor detail – the game world is divided into certain areas, so gamers are waiting for a download;
  • many cut-scenes – you have to put the game pad aside and watch the verbal skirmishes of the characters (the cuts can be accelerated / skipped).

Overall, this is a great option for avid anime fans and converts alike.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Release date: 06/20/2019

Genre: arcade race

Fun kart racing with traps on the tracks

This is a race of funny characters on bright and superfast maps. You will have to drive on the ring tracks, bumping into traps, bombs and other troubles. In this case, you have to collect various devices in order to overtake the opponent. You can play CTR either yourself or with a group of friends.


  • Road surfaces with high quality textures and reliefs, detailed and animated decorations;
  • character selection – a total of 26 heroes in the list, which differ in speed, resourcefulness and other parameters;
  • you need not only to drive at speed, but also to make sure that you are not shot or led to a trap; by the way, you can do the same with rivals;
  • maps of different complexity – for example, on the track for beginners, almost all action is based on overtaking;
  • various tracks – you can ride in the snow-capped mountains, on a tropical island and other interesting locations.


  • A few options for changing the character and map;
  • only one main mechanic is power sliding.

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