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Destiny 2 guide: how to get Moonhawk, all the steps and solution

In this guide about Destiny 2 carry service we are going to explain you how to get Moon Hawk, one of the most beloved hand cannons of the first game.

Its intrinsic feature, called Parachute Shot, makes final hits and precision impacts with Moon Hawk give parachute charge accumulations. The last round of the magazine causes additional damage depending on the number of accumulations, although sheathing this weapon in the last round will eliminate this bonus.

Steps to get Moon Hawk in Destiny 2

Here are the steps to follow to get this powerful handheld cannon of exceptional type:

  • Talk to the Spider on the Tangled Coast for the Flight of the Raven adventure.
  • Now you will have to look for five feathers distributed by the different locations of the game. The first of them is right outside the Spider’s lair, on top of a kind of container.
  • Once this first feather is collected, the second step of the adventure will be activated, which asks us to find the second feather. It is located in the muddy area of the European Dead Zone, specifically at the top of a structure in front of the lost sector of the Sacred Grove.
  • The third feather is in the Steppe area of the Cosmodrome, right where you will appear in its landing zone.
  • The fourth feather is in The Dream City. Go to the Divalian Mists zone and from there go to the great portal carved into the mountain on the right. Just to the left of the gate you will find it.
  • For the fifth and last feather you must go to the Moon. Land at Sanctuary and head for the Hellmouth. You must go inside until you reach the Oryx Sanctuary and you will find it.
  • Return to the Tangled Coast and talk to Cuervo.
  • Now you must go to the European Dead Zone and complete the Release the Claws mission. You will be marked on the map near the Mudflat landing zone.
  • Go back to the Costa Entredada and talk to Cuervo.
  • The next step will ask you to collect and/or generate 50 orbs of Power, either of which will add up to the total. Any activity will do, but if you surround yourself with other guardians at public events or at the Altars of Pain on the Moon, for example, it will be easier because together you will generate orbs that you can collect.
  • Once you have completed the previous step, you will need to talk to Cuervo at Costa Enredada again.
  • Now you will have to go again to the European Dead Zone to investigate some coordinates. The mission will appear on the map next to the Trostlandia landing zone. When you activate it, you will be asked to collect more feathers. This time you won’t have to travel to different planets, they are all in that zone and their location will be marked on the map, you can’t miss it. The last one is with a boss confrontation included.
  • Again, you have to go and talk to Cuervo.
  • The next step will ask you to defeat champions or guardians in Gambit and Crucible games. In the lost sectors of legend or master in Europe you will find champions, as well as in the Twilight. And if you prefer to go to the Crucible or Gambit, then that too, although progress will be faster with champions in the lost sectors than by defeating other players in Gambit or the Crucible.
  • Once the previous step is completed, we finally arrive at the last one. In this case you will have to carry out the mission The Raven and the Falcon in the European Dead Zone. Upon completion you will receive the Moon Hawk.

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