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Best Xbox one games 2020 part 7

MotoGP 19

Release Date: 06/05/2019

Genre: Racing

Exciting motorcycle racing with simple and straightforward gameplay

Another installment in the annual MotoGP series. This is a driving competition on motorcycles with participation in marathons and championships.


  • Decent level of AI – computer rivals behave more realistically on the tracks, for example, they can increase / decrease the speed depending on the moment;
  • motorcycle improvement – after the rider gains experience, you can plan the development of the characteristics of the bike with the engineers;
  • historical races – there is an opportunity to fight with the real legends of the racing world.


  • Menu and settings in English.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Release date: 05/14/2019

Genre: action-adventure, stealth action A

dramatic plot, the game keeps you in emotional tension until the very end.

The story of a brother and sister trying to survive in the midst of the chaos of the Middle Ages. Plague graveyards, rat nests, the basements of the Inquisition – the surroundings of A Plague Tale are exciting and shocking at the same time. Characters must interact with each other to complete the levels.


  • Detailed and realistic textures, accurate depiction of medieval entourage;
  • one of the features is a mechanic with rats, which have to be driven away and distracted, which is very difficult to do, because in the game there are not one or two, but whole hordes, reaching up to 5 thousand individuals;
  • interesting characters developing in the course of the action; you can observe the feelings and experiences of the heroes;
  • fantastic soundtrack, perfect for the dark atmosphere of the Middle Ages.


  • A little monotonous stealth,
  • linearity of the gameplay.

Team Sonic Racing

Release date: 05/21/2019

Genre: arcade, racing

Unpredictable races on cartoon cars on bright tracks

An arcade race about Sonic and his friends with an emphasis on teamwork. There will be various tasks where you need to demonstrate your agility and drift skills in order to score a certain number of points.


  • The efforts of the players are rewarded – by opening new parts and sets to update the appearance of the car;
  • there is multiplayer and local play for up to 4 players – the latter contains the Green Prix, single and team races, etc.;
  • a large selection of tracks – 21, 8 of which gamers have already seen in previous races of the series, the rest are completely new.


  • No training for beginners;
  • single mode, rather, for “tick”.

This concludes the review of the best games for Xbox One. Which one is the coolest depends on the personal preference of the gamer. Some people like creepy horror, while others love the cartoonish gameplay. It makes sense to try something new, since in 2019-2020, the developers did not skimp on the quality of graphics, animation, sound effects and other “goodies” in games for consoles.

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