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Review of Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR2 was influenced by many old westerns. This is noticeable in the course of the game: the same drawn-out frames, long animations and a soundtrack that creeps through the goosebumps.

More on all of this below – in my review of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Plot analysis

The story centers on Arthur Morgan, a member of Dutch Van der Linde’s gang. To me personally, the local hero reminded me of the hellish mixture of Max Payne from the game of the same name, Niko from GTA IV and Michael from GTA V.

He is a guy with character who wants to do his job without being wasted on entertainment. And Linde’s gang is not a group in the modern sense. Rather, it is a nomadic live camp that is trying to make a living by any means.

The gang includes 20 people, including John Marston (the hero of the first RDR). Caudle is confronted by agents of the Pinkerton detective agency (hired by Levite Cornwall) and Colm O’Driscoll’s mobsters.

Realizing that in the new century they are unlikely to be able to make good money, the guys stop playing “long” and decide on a big deal.

To get the coveted “green”, businessmen sign up to rob a train that belongs to Cornwall. In response to this, the latter hires detectives who must find and neutralize the robbers. And at some point, the gang gets hooked, because of which the hero has to move to the neighboring state of Lemoyne.

There he meets the warring families Braithwaite and Gray. And Dutch tries to play them together to finally solve his problems. He almost succeeds, but the Gray family finds out about the insidious plans and sets up an ambush. The friend of the protagonist, Sean McGuayar, dies, and the Braintuets kidnap Marston’s son.

The gang begins to stand up for their own and learns that Jack is with the leader of the San Denis crime scene – Angelo Bronte. Criminals have to do his services and walk with honor in order to get a child. In one of these tasks, they fall into a trap, from which they have to say goodbye to Brontë in an unusual way. How exactly this happened – I will keep silent in order to protect you from spoilers. But believe me, it will be “delicious”!

Whether they will manage to reach a quiet retirement with a full complement, or whether someone will “fall off” along the way – depends only on the player’s agility.

The game has well thought out side quests that do not even affect the plot. For some reason, I remember the mission about the servant of the slave owner who lost his property due to the Civil War. An alcoholic lies in the thickets of Rhodes. He says that valuable things were taken from him, including a diary, weapons, money.

Next, you need to find his house and kill the bandits who took things. However, looking into the diary, Arthur discovers that the drunkard was a civilian hired by the slave owner. And the goner’s job was to find and beat slaves.

The main character returns to the drunkard and gives him things. However, the old man, instead of gratitude, aims a revolver at Morgan. The weapon misfires and this saves the goodwill. At the time of reckoning, he is thinking about killing or leaving him alive … I decided to give my grandfather life. Still, his fate had punished him so. And judging by its appearance, the old man will soon go to another world anyway.

The irony of fate is that, in running, Arthur flees to the east, towards civilization and urbanization, about which he constantly speaks contemptuously.

I rate the plot of the game at 9.5 out of 10. If you put the maximum rating, the developers will not have much to strive for next time.

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