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Red dead redemption 2 – review

Rockstar is one of the studios that jumps over their heads with every product. And after playing RDR 2 on PS4, you are convinced of this: they really blur the boundaries of the gaming industry, turning it into works of art of the 21st century.

This game is firmly in my personal TOP 10 titles. And, to show why I developed such love for her, I decided to make a detailed review on Red Redemption 2, where I will tell you in detail about all the components of one of the main stories of the decade!

Red Dead Redemption 2: game description

RDR2 is a mixture of action adventure and third-person shooter. Not just another GTA clone, but a calm, interesting game, like a cult shooter.

Below are some basic data about the game, which will simplify its analysis in the future.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Trailer

After watching the video trailer, it seemed to me that I would get a game in the style of The Sisters Brothers – stories about two such dissimilar, but so close brothers. According to the script of the film, they worked as bounty hunters in the Wild West and did dirty deeds for good money. One of the brothers wanted a quiet, calm life, the second daredevil did nothing but drag them both into adventures with gold, secrets, fights and shootings.

As a result, it turned out that RDR2 has practically nothing to do with the “Brothers”, but at many points they intersect. You can find here:

  • events that occur at the turn of the century;
  • constant pressure;
  • understanding that any action will completely change the course of events;
  • thrilling shootouts striking realism.

Both projects were initially set to convey the spirit of a bygone era. And if for cinema it is risky, then for a game studio it is a “dead loop”. If RDR2 hadn’t gone to people, Rock star might have gone bankrupt. Yes, they put so much money and effort into the game!

Interesting facts about the game

See how well the non-playable characters are.

Such a title could not do without stories or subtle tricks associated with it. Among the most unusual and interesting facts about the game, I single out seven significant ones.

  1. RDR 2 is full of references to westerns

And if about references to classic films “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly” was not told only by the lazy, then the heart-rending male cry “AAAh!” if seriously injured, this is the sound effect of “Wilhelm’s Cry”, which first appeared in the Western Drums Distant, and became famous for another western – “Attack on the Feather River”.

  1. In the game you can interact with everyone

The local population will remember your behavior. If you came to a bar where you were rowdy a couple of days ago, do not be surprised that some of those present will whisper behind their backs. These NPCs (non-playable Persians) just remembered you. And if one of them is aggressive, they will easily “arrange a dark” hero.

  1. RDR 2 earned $725 million in the first weekend after its release,

making it the second most profitable game in the world. In the first place – GTA V is all from the same Rockstar.

  1. Sales of games at the end of 2018 sagged slightly

Due to the fact that users were sitting for days in Red Ded Redemption.

  1. Work on the title took over 6 years.

The game was first mentioned in 2011, and the first draft of the script appeared in 2012. The game was released only in the fall of 2018.

  1. RDR2 Spurred Increase in Sicknesses

Analytical firm Fizziology analyzed more than 800,000 tweets related to the game. And very many users shared that they took a false sick leave just to sit at the console longer.

  1. The final version of the main scenario includes more than 2,000 pages

If you take all the side quests and the behavior of individual NPCs, the stack of papers would be almost 3 meters high.


In terms of the number of prizes, the game can compete with the Titanic and the Avatar. RDR2 is loved by gamers, they are supportive of criticism. Confirmation – more than a hundred awards, including the Grand Prix.

The game was warmly received in all its aspects. And here I agree with the critics. And in order to prove the masterpiece of RDR2, I will take it apart by the smallest bricks.

Other platforms and system requirements

As long as the game is only available for consoles and PC on Windows. Surprisingly, despite the sophistication, you can get acquainted with the game even on mid-level devices. True, you need to be prepared for the fact that the graphics level will have to be set to the minimum. But owners of powerful PCs will be able to experience RDR 2 in all its glory.

Windows Computer Requirements to Play Red Dead Redemption

This game subtly combines interactive cinema and exhilarating action. There will be no “Press X to Win” plot moves: everything will have to be obtained by cunning and dexterity.

And this is exactly what the modern games lacked. Having turned on RDR 2, you don’t know what will be waiting for you, even if you’ve reviewed dozens of reviews and watched hundreds of hours of let-play. Is it worth playing? Yes! Do I need to buy it right now? By all means!

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