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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Detailed Review


The game does not dump all the mechanics on the gamer at once, as it was in the same GTA IV. Here they appear gradually and may be invisible even after receiving them. So don’t be afraid to experiment.

There are 3 main characteristics in the game

  • endurance – increases from physical exertion;
  • health – grows when using dynamite and in hand-to-hand;
  • sharp eye – trains with accurate shots and in everyday work where concentration is needed.

Most interesting of all is the last feature. It’s slow-mo that works everywhere. The better the ability is developed, the longer and more accurate the illumination, sight and tips for effective shooting work.

It reminded me of a pumped-up version of superpowers from GTA IV, accuracy develops only in this way. If the first few hours you can only mark the points where the bullets will fly, then in the second half of the game, the system highlights vulnerable zones and allows you to shoot without hesitation.

The gameplay is reminiscent of a mixture of GTA IV, GTA V and Max Payne 3, but taking into account what is happening in the 19th century. You will have to cherish each cartridge, learn to steal accurately from stagecoaches, regularly lubricate and sharpen your weapons, and get used to slow, but at the same time dynamic firefights.

Opponents behave logically. If they crowd on one, they are insolent at all. And in battle, face to face, they try to hide behind the corners and not stick out. At the same time, adventures await anywhere: even where you do not expect them at all.

I used to drive along the road and meet a person in trouble. I go down to help him, and he has already managed to steal my horse and leave into the sunset. I had to “get rid” of the hijacker, but a witness accidentally saw the reprisal. I decided that there were enough murders for today and did not touch him. As a result, he ran to the city, snitched on my hero, and they already managed to announce a reward for his head. Well, this situation taught me never to leave witnesses in the game. And now I will think 100 times before helping.

If you don’t want to kill people, you can go hunting, catch an animal, eat meat, and sell the skin to dealers or dump it into the common fund. Only you will have to do all this yourself.

In some side missions, you can feel like a lifeguard. I remember how I decided to save the wounded guy and took him to the doctor. And he took out a saw and began to amputate his arm. The sight was even too realistic. There is blood, and the crunch of bones, and even sterile threads for sewing up the resulting stump.

There are many events, so buttons change meaning depending on the context. This fate also befell the PC version with its countless number of keys on the keyboard. And there is no need to talk about PS4 – here you should memorize each combination like a prayer.

The advantages and disadvantages of the gameplay are summarized in the table:

I rate the gameplay at 9.5 out of 10. It’s not perfect, but it’s very good. The mechanics, although sometimes hidden, are well worked out. And this only adds realism to the game.

Graphic arts

The grafonium is beautiful and exciting here. He does not have special effects, like the same God of War with his Hera cups. But the game looks as realistic as possible: without bright colors, non-standard physics, etc. The picture looks especially juicy on modern displays and TVs. It feels like looking out the window.

The beauty of nature is dizzy. Will appeal to those who actually spend a lot of time indoors. The PC version looks many times more beautiful on ultra settings than the console version. The reason is trivial – powerful computers have more hardware that can process an array of information.

I advise gamers with a laptop to complete the game on a console. At low to medium settings, the beauty of the content fades. For 5-7 hours at ultra settings, a powerful, but still small processor will overheat.

My rating is 10 out of 10. The game squeezes the best out of iron. If there is such a chance, you should play on the console and on the computer at the maximum settings. Even with repeated walkthroughs, the game will still be mesmerizing.


Drawn-out shots of westerns escalate the atmosphere, show the places of events and the emotions of the heroes. The most dynamic element here is music. And given that RDR 2 tries to be as cinematic as possible (which is especially noticeable in cut scenes), the soundtrack plays an important role in the narrative.

In the spring of 2017, the gaming community was stirred up by the news that the music for the new part would be written by Gustavo Santaolaglia. And he, for a second, wrote the soundtrack to The Last Of Us! But closer to the release, it became known that the composer of RDR2 will be Woody Jackson, who wrote the instruments for the first part and GTA IV.

There are 3 types of music in the game:

  • narrative – plays during the passage of the plot;
  • interactive – heard when the hero is in an open world or network game;
  • ambient music – songs that the characters themselves play inside the game.

Personally, I liked the music from the shootings better. It is a mixture of country, classic, psychedelic rock with a touch of grunge. Such musical experiments have not been in the game world for a long time!

Developers used mixed mixing of tracks: a classic transition from one song to another, combining parts of different instruments. The soundtrack adjusts to the player’s actions. The better the acoustics, the more clearly every detail is expressed.

To get the gamer into action, the composer uses stingers – short pieces of music that stand out from the overall narrative.

An interesting fact: initially Woody was not allowed to play the game, but only pieces of gameplay were sent. And to get a feel for the atmosphere of the shooting ranges, he bought original shotguns, got a license to use them and went to open shooting ranges. So he was able to create audio that complements and “pumps the nerve.”

My rating: 10+ out of 10. Audio is thought better than visual. It opens up even on inferior speakers or old speakers.

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